Cycling Tips: Talk to Your Teammates, or Else

TTT Junior World Champions

“I am so clever”, Oscar Wilde once said, “that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” Understanding the meaning of words is important. In road cycling, a “flat” doesn’t mean an “apartment”, or a “dropout” doesn’t mean “a student who withdraws before completing a course.” Misunderstanding words leads to miscommunication, […]

A Slice of Tuscany

water tap

Finding a new route to ride after you’ve lived in one spot for several years is not easy. All the local climbs have been climbed, all the good loops have been looped in all possible directions. So when you want to organize a group ride that everyone will remember, what do you do? Explore the […]

Cycling Tips: How to Play Dead in a Road Race

road race

“You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” ― Harper Lee Win Craving Road cycling is a unique sport where a winner is often not the strongest guy in a race. People new to the sport often ask: “Why doesn’t the strongest guy just smoke everyone and ride away like they do in marathons?” Indeed, why […]

Dry To the Bone

Boys from the Golden Era of Soviet cycling: Sergei Morozov, Andrei Vedernikov, Sergei Soukhoruchenkov, ?, Vladimir Voloshin and Yuri Barinov.

Some time ago, I started a series on Soviet peloton’s nicknames. Abdoujaparov was the obvious first choice – he is, without a doubt, the most famous Soviet rider who made a name for himself in pro peloton. Next in line, and again, for obvious reasons, is Sergei Soukhoruchenkov (or Sergueï Soukhoroutchenkov as the French preferred […]